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Dear Valued Member,


Welcome to Avari World!


In these difficult times for individuals, families, and businesses, it is nice to know there is a company which is taking every precaution available out of a genuine concern for your health, safety, and security. As the President & CEO of such a company, I do not make that statement without being confident in our capabilities.


Due several factors, Avari World is uniquely capable of responding to the immediate and sure-to-be permanent focus on health, safety and security. I encourage you to discover these factors by reading further into our capabilities and additional protocols we have set in place. But the principal reason you should trust Avari World in providing this higher level of service is it is in our DNA to do so. We were founded and continue to be in business because of our commitment to health, safety and security for our members.


Prepare to be amazed as we push you to think beyond your preconceived limits and expectations. And, as always, we look forward to assisting you on your next journey and well beyond.


Warmest Regards,




As COVID-19 creates challenges across all industries worldwide, Avari World has created solutions which address the crisis head-on. In the day-to-day operational details, there are several things to keep at the forefront:

  • Health and safety of clients while exceeding expectations in luxury, client service, and security 

  • Health and safety among Avari World employees

There may be additional modifications to Avari World standards and protocols in accordance with health authorities along with local, state, and federal guidelines.

Uniquely Positioned


Avari World is uniquely positioned to prioritize the health and safety of our clients in ways which should provide invaluable peace of mind. We are humbled at the opportunity to serve our clients, and we do not take our clients’ trust lightly.


  • As a small company, implementation, control, and accountability of standards and protocols is efficient and smooth

  • Our “members-only” approach limits exposure to an elite clientele, limiting unknown clients and associated risks from  the general public

  • Providing premium services also limits the type of client requesting service and associated risks from the general public

  • Low-volume, high-quality, “by-appointment-only” structure of Avari World

  • Less people are in contact with GLAS and within vehicles

  • Contact tracing is very manageable if the need arises

  • The makeup of our elite Global Lifestyle Assurance Specialist team

  • Their career experience and skills revolve around protecting others, and thus their mindset is always on clients’ safety

  • As their individual backgrounds suggest, they follow standards and protocols by rule, ensuring company implementation, control, and accountability

  • Added element of client service means they are always thinking about your safety


New Standards & Protocols


  • All GLAS will be required to wear face coverings and gloves to protect our clients and themselves

  • GLAS will both be tested for fever within 6 hours of service as well as be required to complete a short questionnaire prior to each service in case the need arises for contact tracing. If GLAS is has a fever of 100.0° F or higher, they will not be allowed to work, and a healthy replacement will be found immediately.

  • If GLAS has acute respiratory illness symptoms as described by the CDC, they should notify their superiors immediately and will not be allowed to work and a healthy replacement will be found immediately.

  • During interactions with clients, GLAS are encouraged to limit proximity and physical touching such as handshakes. This is done out of respect for clients’ comfort level, health, and safety.


Client Health & Safety
  • Clients are encouraged to notify Avari World immediately if they suffer from COVID-19 symptoms or have been in recent contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

  • If this exposure has occurred prior to service, we respectfully request that you respond appropriately based on government and health services recommendations (self-quarantine, converse with your doctor, and/or visit hospital).

  • Avari World reserves the right to contact you if contact tracing is necessary.

  • Unless specifically requested due to an illness such as car sickness, we respectfully request that no client sits in the passenger seat.

  • New limitations to number of clients in standard vehicles. If the number of clients exceeds these limitations, Avari World will increase the number of vehicles needed to provide service.

    • Luxury SUV – 4 persons

    • Luxury Sedan – 2 persons

  • Clients are encouraged to let us know if GLAS can assist in minimizing exposure during to other people during service (bellmen, porters, other outside staff).

Client Care Package


  • A Client Care Package will be presented to all clients. The entire package may be taken, or individual items within the package may be taken for convenience and personal use. The package includes some items which have typically always been offered (bottled water, tissue, etc.) along with new items convenient in providing health and safety (face coverings, individual hand sanitizers, etc.).

  • Most items are sealed or packaged for additional confidence. Additionally, no opened item and items used by a client will be offered to an additional client, and all unused or unopened items will be disinfected prior to offering to a future client.

  • Please see the list of items (enough for each expected client) which will be included in each Client Care Package:

  • Face coverings (individually wrapped with 4 additional filters)

  • Water (sealed)

  • Mints (individually-sealed tins)

  • Vanity bag

  • Hand sanitizer (individually-sealed)

  • Facial tissue (individually-sealed packs)

  • Any additional requests from client

  • *Magazines will no longer be an offered item except when specifically requested

  • Other items will be in each vehicle and offered to clients

  • Disinfecting Wipes

  • Smartphone UV Sanitizer & Charger (phone, keys, etc.)

  • Forehead Thermometers (as a convenience for client)

Vehicle Sanitization


  • High-contact surfaces will be thoroughly daily (at a minimum) prior to each vehicle’s departure. These high-contact surfaces include door handles, locks, and seat belts.

    • An Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer utilizes a new, promising technology. The technology involves the application of EPA-approved disinfectants utilizing electrostatic application systems for proper surface disinfection. Electrostatics is a proven technology in the agricultural and automotive industries. This technology is now being integrated into the infection prevention and control industry as a tool to break the chain of pathogen mobility.

    • UV Light Sanitizers kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, germs, and molds. Ultraviolet (UV) light is used in the hospital to sanitize medical equipment, providing a clean and hygienic environment.

    • Disinfectant wipes with a minimum 70% alcohol solution will be used for additional items and surfaces.

General Information
  • The complete interiors of Avari World’s vehicles are treated and maintained with MicroShield 360, the first ever EPA and FDA-approved antimicrobial coating for all surfaces. Normally reserved for commercial and private aviation, these proactive treatments eliminate the spotty coverage of traditional spray and wipe methods and provide 24/7 constant protection to all surfaces. Certifications from ImmaculateFlight will be provided upon client request.

Helpful Resources


  • Internally, Avari World has increased its standard and protocols at the office, while interacting with other GLAS and staff members, including using face coverings.

  • GLAS and the rest of Avari World staff are encouraged to take proper precautions outside of work, including washing hands frequently and limiting unneeded exposure to people who may not be taking the same protocols and following government and health services guidelines.


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