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Avari World and its global alliance partnerships ensure you have the best experience possible. As you board a private jet and head to this European wonderland, you will be in the comfort of an Austrian-themed cabin which comes placed with local dining favorites, specialty champagnes and spirits, and an Austrian hostess ensuring your experience begins in the skies. Avari World also lives up to its promise of allowing you to focus on the thrill by preparing for everything you will need for your ski experience - winter apparel and adventure itineraries are all covered!




Upon landing, GLAS will be ready as you go through your private VIP meet-and-greet at the Zurich Airport. Then, your GLAS will 4X4 you in style to the helipad that will begin your journey on your private luxury helicopter. Inbound to the Thurnhers Alpenhof, you will be in awe upon arrival as the property owner greets and takes you to your suite. Complete with en-suite spa and local modern renditions, you will be in ultimate comfort at this private property accessible to Avari World. Within five minutes on skis from the major trails, you will love where you are.


As GLAS guides you to and through St. Antom, you can begin to prepare yourself for some of the most challenging ski runs in the whole of Europe. Standing ground in the first ski club of the Alps, experience all levels of various slopes and specially granted access to any part of the resort - no access is denied to Avari World members.

A snowmobile ride away, the world-renowned mountain tops of Lech and Zurs await as you enjoy different forms of runs that vary from ragged to soothing downhill bliss as you overlook some of the world's greatest sights. A St. Arlberg lift pass will not be required for any of your transfers as you will be situated with an all exclusive pass to all of Austria’s slopes.




Traveling with Avari World means accessing anything, any time. A private charter is prepared, and you will head into the infamous town of Kitzbuhel. What is considered the most charming and most romantic winter escape in Austria is home to many ski legends and celebrities. This charming town has mountain huts along the trails available to Avari World members for breaks and meals in between. Enjoy being conveniently located between the Alp mountains of Salzburg and Innsbruck offering an array of other winter sports, scenic overpasses, luxury shopping and divine dining. With Avari World, Austria becomes your backyard with endless opportunities and experiences. 

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