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You are about to embark on a holistic journey to spiritual awakening! Avari World looks to bring experiences that no other can claim. Whilst you enjoy a private jet to the luscious lands of silky sands, be in comfort knowing you are traveling with the finest specialists who tailor travel and cultivate culture.

Avari World’s premiere concierge ensures getting from one destination to the next is simple and luxurious. Fulfill your mind and body with food-for-thought. Indulge in delectable cuisines prepared by a private chef who exquisitely plates local taste and flavor. With local ground familiarity, language efficiency, and exclusive access, GLAS shall open doors for you to regally witness world landmarks.

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4x4, BEDOUINS AND     



This spiritual and religious experience is one few have imagined - Egypt’s majestic landscape is a telling tale.

Break spiritual barriers as you are led by a local guide to the Taba Border into Sinai and cross the Mountains of Barakah. Look to the splendor and beauty of these rock formations and their massive presence. Prepare for a private lunch at an authentic Bedouin tribe near the Eid Hudra Oassis. Experience authentic desert meals prepared by the country’s finest personal chefs. Once re-nourished, board your off-road 4x4 for an unforgettable journey down the sands that lead to sacred lands.



Avari World’s premiere concierge and local leads have ensured your journey is properly prepared for mindful and physical rehydration.

Bravely board your Egyptian camel down silky sands to the place of legends. Visit the ancient tribal cemetery of Nawamis (4000 BCE) before descending into the main area of the Sinai. Here we will come across the city under water, St. Catherine's Monastery.

After exploring this magnificent landscape, make your way into the heart of Sinai and one of the world’s sacred places of all faiths, "Jabel Musa" or Moses Mountain. It is here where you shall see the standing place of where Moses proclaimed the Ten Commandments. This historical site will be yours for the taking as your local expert guides you through historical context every step of the way.



Avari World focuses on taking sacred destinations and acclimatizing them into a personalized, holistic experience. Avari World's global alliances and partnerships in Egypt are endless and will have you feeling like a local pilgrim. While we ensure your enjoyment and spirituality of these religious sites, we also want to grant you maximum freedom to modify the trip upon your desires:

Our team of experts are prepared to reach other popular destinations such as Cairo, Alexandria, and Sharm El Sheikh within a moment’s notice via helicopter and/or private charter. Witness some of the historical relics of ancient pyramids and the lands of the gods.

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