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The Avari World premiere concierge shall have your private jet transfer arranged from any airport across the globe. Board and enjoy authentic flavors and drinks as you prepare yourself for the majestic adventure ahead.

Avari World’s GLAS is a country expert and shall execute a masterfully planned journey that commences before your landing. As a Delhi Airport VIP, GLAS shall stand ready alongside a Range Rover awaiting your arrival. GLAS shall then warmly chauffeur you to Ananda at the Himalayas. Enjoy this prestigious resort up in the mountain cliffs with idyllic views and special accommodations such as daily yoga and meditation that shall prepare you for what lays ahead.




Soar in a private charter to the famous city of Amritsar to enjoy the mindful luxuries of the Hyatt Amristar.  Upon arrival, Avari World GLAS shall chauffeur you from the mountain top of your premiere resort to the grounds of Rishikesh - where the Ganges River naturally unveils eyes to spiritual depths. Partake in an experience called Ganga Arti: a devotional ritual of fire offerings delivered into the river, directed to the goddess, Ganga. Where spirituality is unforgettably lit by thousands of lamps floating down the devout river.

See a world wonder: The Golden Temple. Witness and participate in the Sikh ceremony of taking The Holy Book into its resting place whilst simultaneously enjoying the beauty of the shining temple reflecting in the wondrous waters. 


Traveling with complete security and peace of mind allow you to truly experience it all. Avari World experts shall take you to the Wagah Border: the border line between India and Pakistan - to witness the changing of the flags and ceremony between these nation states’ militaries. 

Afterwards, fly via private charter to Varanasi, the ancient settlement along the Ganges and home to over 21,000 unique temples. Witness the sacred bathing in the Ganges as well as designated areas where human remains are dispersed. Continue taking in India’s vibrant culture as you visit Sarnath: home to the inception of Buddhism, the historical site where Buddha and his followers began meditation and religious teachings. Avari World exclusively allows you to see every temple and destination in a manner that most could only imagine.




Upon landing in Delhi, you shall truly experience the country’s busiest and most-exciting streets filled with an unsurmountable variety of food, culture, and food-for-thought.

Avari World GLAS shall transport you from the delightful streets of Delhi into the sublime secret gardens and villas of the Lotus Temples. Witness the Sacred Heart Cathedral haven. Nourish your soul and palette at the Bodhi Temple. Follow your Zen Master – a practitioner of Buddhism who will guide and lead you through spirituality sessions and lead you to a religious oasis that lays in vast gardens.

Visiting India with Avari World means exclusive access without limitations. Having a local presence is a vital element in India - Avari World delivers meditation and spirituality in newly imagined perspectives.

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