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Avari World’s premiere concierge works around the clock to ensure all logistics are taken care of ahead of your arrival - from the moment you take off to the moment you touch down – they inculcate comfort, luxury, and security whilst executing plans to guarantee your peace of mind.

Private jet travel into the City of Wonders comes standard and allows your imagination to soar as you enjoy the skies above the empires of luxury that await. Feel at ease knowing Avari World’s GLAS are skilled in conquering Romanesque travel. Like Rome, our team was not built in a day. Rest assured: our team of specialists and our array of global alliance partners are prepared to ensure every moment of your trip is perfectly curated and catered. Upon landing, you will be welcomed to Hotel Eden, an oasis of luxury and class – where you can take a private elevator up to your penthouse suite and marvel at the 360° view of Rome before taking in the sites.




Splendor at the smallest state in the world (0.44 square kilometers) as you make your way around the residence of His Holiness. Your experience within the Vatican walls will be diligently tailored to your preferences:

Tour the beauty of the Vatican museum filled with endless homage to timeless collections of fine art. Visit sacred monuments and landmarks dating back to the origins of Catholicism. Experience an exclusive Scavi tour, visit the beauty of the Apostolic Palace after hours, and view the St. Peters Basilica’s endless sights. Avari World’s GLAS have mapped out other sacred havens uncommon to the traditional Roman tourist – our task force will ensure you witness them in the comfort of luxury. 


Although many assume sacred places are limited to the Vatican City, Rome’s elaborate cobblestones endlessly lead to numerous hidden wonders. We ensure what is outside the Vatican walls.

Transportation is a gem of its own in Rome! When not taking in the wistful views from a helicopter, local experts shall chauffeur you to the sacred grounds of Ancient Rome – where you can pace where modern curiosities mix with historically sacred sites. Walk the cobblestones of the Roman Forum as you stand witness to where religious practices and rituals took place for centuries. Follow the Via Sacra (Sacred Way) to the Palatine Hills: one of Rome's oldest and most ancient grounds of beauty. Through these grounds, you will be introduced and shown sites used for ancient sacrifices and hear from expert storytellers of how spirituality inspired the Roman community.




Avari World works to show you parts of Rome that are uncharted and catered to those looking for a spiritual experience.

Avari World’s GLAS will have you floating aboard a luxury helicopter before touching down into the majestic ruins of Delphi. This holy and sacred location was home to the 4th century BC temple of Apollo. According to Greek Mythology, it was here that Zeus sent two eagles to find the navel of where the world met. Home to various temples and courts, this sanctuary of Delphi was considered the religion and cultural mecca of unity for the Hellenic world.

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