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With Avari World, the honeymoon begins with travel. Enjoy the Italian leather of your private jet as you head for the land synonymous with passion and romance. From traditional Italian delicacies in flight to the moment wheels touch down, your Avari World team will ensure everything is exquisitely prepared for the journey to come. Marvel at the ease of traveling as everything revolves around your ensured comfort. Upon landing, step foot into your Mercedes G-Wagon knowing you are in the hands of GLAS – experts in the art of all things Italian.



Begin your journey by checking-in to the world-renowned Villa Spalletti Trivelli, where you will be greeted by the family owners and escorted to your Garden Villa – a secret haven with private access to the landmark’s beautiful garden and veranda. Dwell in the beauty and wonder as the Avari World team prepares exclusive access to some of the world’s most historic sites - from the Pantheon and the Forum to the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain. Not to forget, you will be escorted in an exclusive, private-access tour of the Vatican. Next, come back to the modern-era as you and your loved one learn to make an authentic pizza Romano from a local expert.



Avari World global alliance partnerships allow for you and your loved one to board your private luxury cabin aboard Italy’s finest trains as you head south to Naples along the Amalfi Coast. Here, you will be escorted into your suite at Monastero Santa Rosa, a 17th century covenant and converted boutique granting you the most unique staying experience this part of Italy has to offer. Complete with an infinity pool overlooking the Amalfi Coast, a suite perched on the edge of a cliff offers panoramic views of the blue below. You will be in good hands knowing you have instant access to breathtaking views and a selection of over 400 wines. Next, Avari World’s premiere concierge will take you to the private boat that awaits to transport you and your loved one to the island of Capri to experience the Hike of the Gods and ultimately the historical beauty of Pompeii.



Avari World thrives on providing experiences not known to the masses, but we also romanticize the undeniably beautiful offerings Italy has to gift – together, we can re-imagine a Florentine Renaissance.

Make your way through Tuscany for an evening of wine and food for two. In Venice, relax on a private evening tour of the canals around Saint Marks Basilica - view its golden, illuminated chandelier as you dine in elegant patios.

Avari World is positioned in Italy as one of Marco Polo’s long-time friends - you will see life-changing value as soon as your journey begins.