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Your Avari World Adventure begins with ensured relaxation and luxurious comfort – it’s our standard. Rest assured: we take ownership and care of all logistics and planning – private jet travel or first-class reservations that include complimentary upgrades and access to special amenities only available to Avari World Members.

Let your imagination soar as you imagine what lays ahead: Upon arrival into Buenos Aires, you will be warmly greeted by your Avari World Global Lifestyle Assurance Specialist (GLAS) - always standing by, ready to chauffeur your safe journey - in style, of course.




In Patagonia, the options for outdoor wonders is never-ending and our local experts have arranged exclusive access to destinations that may seem unattainable. Checking-in to the top ranked Four Seasons Buenos Aires hotel is a travel logistic GLAS proactively takes care of so that all you need to do is enter your suite, take-in the view, and begin the adventure!

Sip your favorite, already chilled champagne and next, allow our on the ground local experts to transport you from luxury to immediate wonder as you make your way to the desired Lake District filled with the world's best: mountain bike trails, private boat trips on the channels, treks, fishing and skiing.

From Hiking through the infamous trails of El Chaltan, the National Geographic choice for premiere hiking in South America, to exploring the Glacier Region of Calafate: Enjoy and thrill through these risky trails knowing you have GLAS guiding you every step of the way. 

Avari World will deliver safety, but also known secure a Michelin chef from Buenos Aires to accompany you on this delectable trip – a gastronomical expert which will to ensure the best cuisine is readily available to nourish your high thrill days.


Experience a full-day private tour of the Perito Moreno National Park and its humbling glacier spectacular in the comfort of a 4WD vehicle equipped for all terrains. Our local expert is ready to present you the national wonder in a way that only locals have seen.

First, a nautical boat safari followed by big ice trekking along seasoned glaciers and sledding through some of the highest slopes and crevices the park has to offer. Then, Avari World GLAS will board you onto a modern charter boat which will initiate a mind-whirling journey from Punta Bandera through the dramatic scenery of the Upsala Glacier. Next, as you off-board onto Estancia Cristina, more spectacular activities await quad biking, horseback riding, and hot air balloons – experiences, re-imagined.




The Avari World Patagonia Adventure is filled with tailored trips that offer complete customization - designed with your desires in mind. Having exclusive global alliances and relationships with South America's premiere hospitality havens, we reserve nights in secret rooms that are unavailable to the general public. Gems such as Awasi Patagonia, a luxury master suite villa of 875 square feet made of wooden clad, are secluded in the hills of Torres del Paine and come standard with glass walls, hot tub, and every possible amenity available in the region.

Optional stays in Ushuaia offer some of the most serene boat experiences known to civilization and exclusive access to zip lining, parachute jumping, and sky diving are within a moment reach depending on the level of thrill you are seeking. With Avari World, Patagonia is yours for the taking!

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