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African Safari









Private travel with Avari World means experiential jet travel catered to the destination of your choice. As you make your way to the African Oasis of adventure, enjoy tasteful treats and drinks unique to the provinces you will visit. Flying in the comfort of luxury will serve wonders as a rocky and adrenaline-rushing experience awaits. Upon landing in Uganda, you will be greeted by GLAS at the Entebbe Airport who will first guide you to your VIP lounge with complimentary hors d'oeuvres. Next, you will be transported in your 4WD Range Rover to the Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge. This stone building is one of the most exclusive places to stay in the country and is masterfully situated in the forested Welco Mountains between peak-tops and volcanoes.



Prepare yourself for a close encounter with your first gorilla. Avari World Local experts on the ground will lead you through the hills of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park as you track and follow the gorilla migrations. You will be walking through this wonder, but also trekking on a 4x4 and potentially settling-in on specialty jungle cruisers that cover more grounds.

Post Gorilla-encounters, our team will be readily available to privately charter you to North Serengeti, where you will be checked into the Lamai Serengeti. This luxurious paradise in Kenya is built within the midst of greenery that is home to many types of game and wildlife who have made their home around the property. Safari begins as you follow lead to your Avari World local expert and witness some of the most awe-inspiring views and fall witness to the great migration of herd crossing the Mara River. Then, make your way to the rare lands of Zambia as you enjoy the South Luangwa Park and enjoy the largest on foot safari with over 60 different animal species and endangered, rare birds. Next, a private charter awaits as you make your way to Livingstone and Victoria Falls.



Upon check in at the Royal Chundu River Lodge, you can stay content knowing you are on the only property located on the Zambezi river overlooking the Matetsi Private Game Reserve. Avari World Global alliances have given you complete access to private game wildlife and you will witness the likes of Rhino, giraffes, and other wildebeest from the comfort of your own residence. Then, just downstream, you will see why Victoria Falls is referred to as one of the most spectacular sites in Africa as you glare at the river that crashes down into the stones below creating and effect that locals refer to as " the smoke that thunders". Next, one charter away, you will be given exclusive rights to enjoy the Mombo Concession where a private safari allowing you to touch local giraffes, experience elephants firsthand and come face-to-face with natures finest. Before sunset, wonder at the sight as you slowly boat down through the Okavango Delta where you can witness water from thousands of miles upstream meet and flow into what becomes a meeting place for wildlife.



African Safari adventures with Avari World are vast in possibilities, but rare in access. Our team is uniquely positioned to create personalized trips that render the best of what you desire. Other variations of our African adventures involve visiting the Serra Cafema and sand dunning behind 4x4 vehicles with local experts amongst desert wildlife, experiencing Cape Town from above in hot air balloons, and plunging into extreme water sports only possible in Africa. The entire African continent is yours for the taking - are you ready?