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Avari World designs personalized ultra-luxury travel & lifestyles experiences exclusively for our members.


Our success lies in Ali Sheikh's extensive travels and elevated taste, coupled with his insight and experience to elevate our service for ultra-high net worth individuals from Business Executives to family offices. 


Discover Our Story

Established in 2009, Avari World is a leading Private Assurance Firm dedicated to curating extravagant experiences for our esteemed domestic and international clientele. Our foundation is built upon authentic hospitality and a deep understanding of individual preferences. 

Our Commitment

We provide an unparalleled amalgamation of bespoke travel, elite security management, and premium concierge services. Our team, composed of Global Lifestyle Assurance Specialists™, alongside our Avari Task Force, is available around the clock to ensure exceptional and transformative client experiences.

Experience the Difference

Our commitment to exceeding the highest standards is evident through our elite programs, alliances, and partnerships. With an unwavering focus on member satisfaction, we turn unimaginable wishes into reality, offering private travel and security that are globally unrivaled. 


Avari World stands out as the only Private Assurance Firm that prioritizes safety while curating extraordinary journeys. With over a decade of experience, we have the expertise and resources to elevate travel experiences and bring our client's visions to life. 

Global Access

Tapping into our vast global network and unique ecosystem of advisors and experts, we take care of life's fundamental demands, wishes, and needs. By making anything and everything possible, we offer unparalleled access and a bespoke luxury lifestyle for now and into the future. 

Bespoke, Personalized Services

A personalized touch is increasingly rare in our digital world. With a single point of contact, Avari prides itself on working one-to-one with our clients, where member taste and aspirations are understood and executed effectively across all aspects of life.  

Foundation of Success


Benefits of Travelling with GLAS

With GLAS, we don't just plan trips; we create extraordinary, luxurious adventures that become legendary chapters of your life story. Our team of elite agents are masters of security and sophistication, blending decades of global expertise to ensure every aspect of your journey is safe, comfortable, and flawlessly executed. 


GLAS stands out as more than a travel service; it's a bespoke symphony of experience. We go beyond meeting your needs, we intuitively anticipate and fulfill your desires, offering concierge services that transform every wish into reality. 


Traveling with GLAS means stepping into a starring role in your own blockbuster adventure, where opulence, discretion, and seamless efficiency are always in the spotlight. This is travel redefined, designed to complement your elite status and create unforgettable moments that elevate your extraordinary life. 

Global Lifestyle
Assurance Specialist (GLAS)

We are driven by action, not empty promises. We operate at the pinnacle of excellence, serving the world's most discerning clientele. Our GLAS agents are celebrated for their extraordinary experiences and collaborating seamlessly with influential clients across the globe. 


Travel management and security are a passion of mine, and providing our clients with solutions to all of their needs is the fabric of our very existence at Avari World. Whether you are coming to us as a new client or have been a long-time member of Avari World, I am delighted and excited to introduce you to the next generation of Avari World.

Avari World is a company founded to meet the exceptional needs of an elite clientele, a clientele with which I have had the pleasure of working beside for over a decade. Avari World has been at the forefront of providing premier customer service focused on travel and security management.

I have made it our mission to consistently anticipate your needs and deliver results ahead of your arduous schedule. This devotion to excellence drives our company Avari World. 


I encourage you to inquire about what Avari World has to offer. As a boutique company offering superior services and premium products, I have complete confidence that you will be thoroughly impressed and we look to exceed your expectations. 


Warmest Regards, 

Ali Sheikh 



Attention to Detail

Rather than treating this as a mere buzzword, Avari World adopts it as a core doctrine, guiding a methodical approach to offering unparalleled luxury experiences.


Never Say Never Attitude

Avari World consistently pushes boundaries and challenges the limits of what is deemed possible in the luxury concierge industry.


Provide peace of mind to those in search of priceless, unforgettable experiences. Driven to deliver at every turn, our client-focused approach is an essential element to delivering world-class service. Obsessed with catering to every need of our clientele, and dedicated to turning unimaginable wishes into a reality.

Our Vision


Fluid Peace of Mind

Above all, clients can expect a hassle-free, serene experience when engaging with Avari World, knowing their desires will be met with mastery and elegance.


Discretion in Execution

Not only does Avari World promise discretion, but it also acts on this commitment, ensuring that all client requests are handled with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism.


Legacy of Excellence

The brand's reputation is built on years of impeccable service, leading to trusted relationships with a loyal clientele base and recognition within the industry.


03  Yacht Charters

Cruise in ultimate; luxury and bask in unbound freedom with a private yacht charter that comes complete with every onboard amenity and onshore activity imaginable. Discover uncharted territory with access to the most luxurious private yacht charters in the world. From indulging in ocean oases to docking at seaside sanctuaries, our members embark on unforgettable journeys filled with awe-inspiring moments.

Extraordinary Journeys  04

Travel in unparalleled private luxury with every amenity included while experiencing unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime moments in some of the world’s most exotic destinations. Avari World impeccably designs and meticulously delivers once-in-a-lifetime vacations for our members that most people can only dream of. Our private travel designers unearth our ultra-high-net worth member’s greatest passions to curate an exclusive experience that will meet any desires and exceed every expectation.

01  Hotel Reservations

Avari World delivers access to difficult-to-secure reservations at luxury 5-star hotels in the most exclusive destinations around the globe. The discerning traveler deserves the ultimate in service, style & sophistication. From penthouses in Dubai to exquisite retreats perched on Andean peaks and 5-star hotels overlooking pristine white sand beaches, we hand select only the most luxurious hotels for our world-class clientele.

Avari Task Force

At a moment's notice, unforeseen changes can occur, but Avari World's proactive anticipation allows the curation of the very best for our elite members. 


The Avari Task Force of Adroit Administrators, masterfully clears a path for GLAS. Together, we are committed to deepening relationships and securing the well-being of our clients, which opens doors to unimaginable inspiration and enlightenment. 

At the heart of every successful service and product is customer service. Avari World is driven by our ATF, who posses industry knowledge and the professionalism our elite clients expect. Similar to a successful financial advisor, your Avari Task Force, will inquire about all aspects of your lifestyle and cater specifically to you and your needs. 

Private Concierge

Avari World, with its unwavering "never say never" ethos, is renowned for transforming luxury desires into reality. Embracing a meticulous attention to detail as a guiding doctrine, we leverage our extensive global partnerships to offer exclusive amenities. Built on a legacy of excellence, our unique no-cash transaction model prioritizes utmost discretion and privacy, ensuring our distinguished clientele enjoy a seamless experience anchored in confidentiality and peace of mind.

Luxury Dining  01

Avari World provides its elite members with the invaluable gift of time through our exclusive passion for crafting unparalleled dining experiences. We specialize in securing access to the world's most coveted and hard-to-book culinary establishments, ensuring our members receive only the finest in gastronomic delights. With our expertise, members are afforded the luxury of simply indulging in the pinnacle of upscale dining, with every detail meticulously arranged by our team to ensure an unmatched, exquisite dining experience.

02  Opulent Lifestyle

We elevate the essence of your daily life, transcending beyond mere convenience. Our exclusive VIP concierge services are intricately designed to offer assistance in a spectrum that ranges from essential daily tasks to the most nuanced and mundane aspects, ensuring a harmonious balance in your lifestyle. Our approach to lifestyle management is comprehensive and meticulous, crafted to alleviate the complexities and burdens of your everyday experiences, thereby allowing you to indulge in the luxury of simplified living and peace of mind.

Exclusive Access  03

Avari World, an elite private concierge service, provides exclusive access to the globe's most coveted events for our distinguished members. Our range includes high-profile concerts by stars like Taylor Swift, elite art fairs such as Art Basel, and significant sporting events like the Super Bowl and Masters Tournament. These often hard-to-get tickets are carefully obtained by our team of Global Lifestyle Assurance Specialists, who ensure a seamless experience from start to finish. Our members enjoy luxurious VIP experiences, guaranteed to be flawless and unforgettable.

01  Private Global Security

Executive protection specialists, or as we refer to them as Global Lifestyle Assurance Specialists, are much more than just private security. GLAS are assigned to ensure your comfort and confidence in every step of  of your travel. Our protection range on all levels and will allow you to be guided by individuals unprecedented in their abilities, allowing you to luxuriate in the moment. Whether you are a CEO requiring a basic security or a dignitary who demands complete discretion and movement, these specialist are at your service and ready to execute one mission at a time. 

Private Estate Protection  02

The Safety and satisfaction of our clients is of the highest importance at Avari World; and that means providing security for your properties as well. Avari World's Estate Protection solutions are comprehensive through preventative and reactionary measures. Our respected Global Lifestyles Assurance Specialists come with years of experience in executing multi-layered, estate-protection solutions. Whether it's for your primary residence or vacation abode while abroad, our GLAS are equipped with the latest systems and tactile technology to secure, manage, and monitor your property.